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Steven Stamkos Signed Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey

Steven Stamkos Signed Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey
Steven Stamkos Signed Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey

Steven Stamkos Signed Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey    Steven Stamkos Signed Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey

BECAUSE THE JERSEY IS REAL, NOT A ASIAN KNOCK OFF. Show off your LIGHTNING pride in this 2011 Premier Jersey from Reebok. Features team chest in embroidered felt or team applique. Reebok vector embroidered on the back of neck and sleeve cuff.

Machine washable 100% air knit polyester that replicates the on-ice jerseys worn by the players. Officially licensed by the NHL.

Official RBK premier - TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING JERSEY. This is an extremely rare item. THIS JERSEY IS A SIZE. This is not a Korean or fake jersey. All letters and numbers are professionally customized and sewn on.

This is your chance to own AN OFFICIAL RBK Jersey!!! This item would make a great gift for any hockey fan or LIGHTNING fan!


We have a staff that works very hard to get your items to you. Please notify us as soon as possible if this happens and we will do everything possible to correct the mistake. Thank you and have a great day. Weekends and Holidays are not considered Transit Days.

What does it mean to be Verified? The Verification process varies by country or region.

For example, in the U. In Germany, a Verified member has completed a bank transfer or the Expanded Use Process. FAKE & REAL NHL JERSEYS..... HOW CAN I TELL THE DIFFERENCE?

If its too good to be true, then its probably a fake. Reebok does not liquidate authentic jerseys due to overproduction or any other reason. This is important as many illegal vendors will use this as an excuse for the really low price.

Illegal vendors may also claim they know someone at Reebok. The Internet is full of fake jerseys. Several sites sell fake NHL jerseys directly from China.

Search engines such as Google do not pre-screen websites that appear in their search results. Be cautious of websites that appear on Google searches for "NHL Jerseys" or similar keywords or search terms. Just because the jersey has a fight strap sewn into the back, doesnt make it authentic.

Now, many fans, rookie collectors always have a mindset that a jersey with fight strap is authentic, or at least make it an authentic jersey, or even make it as a jersey that players worn on the ice. Well, an experience collector can tell you right away that A JERSEY HAVING A FIGHT STRAP DOES NOT MAKE IT AUTHENTIC, AND DOES NOT MAKE IT TO BE THE SAME JERSEY THAT PLAYERS WORN ON THE ICE! You could add a fight strap to a - jersey easily, but that doesnt mean the fight strap all of a sudden makes it an authentic jersey, or someone like to phrase it as same jersey that players worn on the ice. Counterfeit jerseys dont cost much, why should I care whether its real of fake?

Purchasing a counterfeit jersey may support unlawful labor conditions and organized crime. In addition, counterfeit jerseys are of poor quality and not very durable. Reebok manufacturers all of its authentic jerseys in Saint-Hyacinth, Quebec. Reeboks - jerseys are currently produced overseas in Indonesia.

Both Reebok and its parent company, The adidas Group, pride themselves on being socially responsible. They only employ factories which meet strict, internationally recognized labor standards. Unfortunately, more often than not, labor regulation does not exist in the Chinese factories producing counterfeit NHL jerseys.

Whats the difference between an authentic and - jersey from Reebok? Authentic jerseys are made to the same specifications, and with the same materials, as those worn by NHL players on the ice.

Reeboks authentic jersey features (1) stretch fabric in the collar with PLAYDRY moisture management technology to maximize comfort, breathability and temperature control, (2) 4Way Stretch Mesh in areas including the underarms and back to provide additional range of motion and increased ventilation, (3) Reeboks innovative BEAD AWAY water repellent technology, and (4) X-trafil incorporated into high-abrasion areas such as the shoulders and elbows to provide increased durability. While Reeboks - jersey does not include all the same performance traits of the authentic, it is made of high-quality 2Way Stretch performance material.

Reebok often refers to the - jersey as its Premier Jersey. Although, it does not have a fight strap, the quality of Reeboks - jersey is far superior to that of any counterfeit jersey currently on the market. Not only will Reeboks - jersey last longer, but it will stand up to the rigors of competitive garage leagues and is great for recreational hockey. What is a fight strap? A: Also called a tie-down, it is a white strap that is sewn to the lower back of an authentic EDGE jersey. It is made to be looped through a strap hockey pants outer shell, and fastened with a pressure button and very rigid Velcro. The fight strap is intended to prevent the jersey from being pulled over a players head. Real fight strap is first sewn onto a piece of solid twill and then sewn onto the jersey. The thread marks are noticeable on the outside lower back of the jersey and are always centered and symmetrical. This is not the case with most fake jerseys. Standard measurements are 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. Most fake jerseys come with a fight strap to trick the consumer into thinking its an authentic EDGE jersey. What is the Reebok water test? All authentic NHL jerseys feature Reeboks innovative BEAD AWAY water repellent technology. Try pouring water onto the front of the jersey. If the water falls off the jersey, its real. However, if the water is absorbed into the fabric, its fake.

Premier - jerseys do not feature this technology. HOW TO SPOT A FAKE.

5 Things To Look For First. Does the web site look professional? When it comes to online shopping, your first impressions are important. If the site doesnt look professionally designed, has poorly written content, or has a checkout process that is less than simplebe cautious.

Does the site offer multiple methods to contact the company? A reputable website will always provide a full physical address on its contact page, as well as Telephone (toll-free is even better), and often live chat. In addition, they also may offer product reviews and site performance ratings to provide feedback from past satisfied customers. Where is the company based?

If you do find a physical address (or other evidence) that the company is based offshore (especially Asia), then it is pretty much a sure bet that the jersey you are getting is a knock-off. Is the price too good to be true? If the listed price is significantly below the typical retail price, that should be an obvious warning flag.

Inspecting The Jersey for Authenticity. The following are some key things about the jerseys construction to look for.

As mentioned, its been some time since the introduction of the RBK Edge jersey. And many fakes are now very close to being identical to the authentic so be very thorough in your investigation! The very first thing to note is the coloring of the jersey. Many knock-offs are good with the main colors of Black and White. However, you may be able to notice marked differences in Blues and Reds upon comparison to authentic jerseys.

Check the logos and numbers for the correct detail. Again, the knock-offs are getting better at the detailing, but some NHL team logos have detail that can be hard to duplicate.

Pay particular attention to the sizing and spacing of the letters and numbers on the jerseys. The letter and spacing are likely to be larger or smaller than the authentic version. Patches and stitching are also very important to compare. Compare the location of the stitching around the armpits and back of the neck to make sure the construction is authentic.

In addition, the NHL and RBK trademarks on authentic jerseys are actually patches and not embroidery. This is one good comparison to make when shopping for a jersey on E-bay.

You can see this clearly from the image posted below. The item "STEVEN STAMKOS SIGNED TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING HOME JERSEY" is in sale since Friday, February 10, 2012. This item is in the category "Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop\Autographs-Original\Hockey-NHL\Jerseys". The seller is "locker_room_sports" and is located in Allen Park, Michigan. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Steven Stamkos Signed Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey    Steven Stamkos Signed Tampa Bay Lightning Home Jersey